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CSU Channel Islands' Literary Journal


The Island Fox Team is proud to present our selects for the 2018 Publication! We have pieces from over 34 writers and Artists – a diverse mix of students, faculty and alumni. Enjoy.

-Your Island Fox 2018 Team


Letter from the Editors

Dear Reader,

Let us introduce ourselves. We’re The Island Fox, CSU Channel Islands’ official literary journal. Every year, the graduating class of Creative Writing majors create a journal that reflects our university and every year is different from the ones before. This year, we set out with the goal of representing the CI community, and were delighted but also overwhelmed by the amount of submissions from students, faculty, and alumni. We weren’t able to include every piece due to space, but going over so many diverse narratives and art pieces from CI was an adventure and a pleasure in itself.

After much deliberation (and plenty of impassioned arguments and speeches), we were able to compile this collection. Inside, you will experience intimate and cathartic writings on the Thomas Fire that affected our communities this past December, a Chinese restaurant shootout, the difficulties of cooking the perfect Risotto (along with the the jitters of a new pregnancy), an exhilarating baseball game, and a close look into a very difficult morning. The poetry and prose within presents ruminations on loss, sexuality, grief, love, self-discovery, and just about everything else there is a piece for all of us in this journal, and they reflect the voices of CSUCI.

Creating this publication was not easy, but it was worth every midday meltdown and all the in-class bickering. The best parts of this experience heavily outweigh those that caused stress. This is a student run publication, made possible by the contributions and voices from Channel Islands. This journal is as much yours as it is ours. All of us at The Island Fox are proud of what we’ve made, and elated to share it with you.

With much appreciation,

Haylee Chavanne & Sarah Krashefski

Managing Directors, The Island Fox

CSU Channel Islands, 2017-2018